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In 2015 we created
47 virtual offices in Russia
and 4 in other countries.  

Anna Zasuhina

Legal Marketing Specialist, Manager/Business Partner

Who needs a virtual office?
Lawyers beginning their <br />
Lawyers beginning their
Narrow specialists <br />
(no more than 5 services)
Narrow specialists
(no more than 5 services)
Legal business <br />
Legal business
What will you get?


1. Ready-made site, suitable for all devices


  • 1. Domain name and site hosting
  • 2. Design
  • 3. Selling texts
  • 4. Feed-back facilities
  • 5. Social network connections
  • 6. Statistics settings
  • 7. Instructions how to use your site
1.	Ready-made site, suitable for all devices


2. Advertising campaign to attract clients
  • 1. Avito
  • 2. Yandex direct
2.	Advertising campaign to attract clients
What is the result?
Ready-made site

A powerful tool for attracting
more clients.

What do the lawyers who’ve got
the Virtual Office say?
Eugeniy Abramenko

Lawyer, Kaluga city
8 (920) 616-52-66

Maxim Abramov

UR Right co, Kirov city
8 (332) 555-775

«I had a website before, but it didn’t satisfy all my needs. So I decided to contact the Legal Marketing Laboratory because they are marketing specialists. I was pleasantly surprised with their professionalism. These guys really know what they do!»

Анна Оздровская
Anna Ozdrovsky

UriCom law practice, Khabarovsk city
8 (914) 425-71-76

«My experience with The Legal Marketing Laboratory really changed my perception of marketing and marketing specialists! I was amazed with the speed of their work, how well they know our professional jargon, how much they understand the purpose of our services. And the most important is of course the result – a professional, attractive website with the selling texts. Site optimization performed by Anna Zasuhina helped to get more clients and increase the company’s profit.»

What do we need form you?
We value your time that is why we ask you to provide very minimum help:
Fill in the form

Work profile, address, your key advantages,
your team, your preferences and so on.

Provide a few photos

Professional photos of you and your team

Testimonials of your clients

What do your clients say about you? Some photos of your clients

Why is it profitable for your business?
7 days

Really fast!


We do all the work!

Just 44 560 roubles

Very reasonable price!

Evaluate our work:

Virtual Office for Alehina and Partners law practice

Vladimir city


Virtual Office for AxisPravo law practice



Virtual Office for Olga Abramenko’s law practice

Kaluga city

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