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What strategy do most companies
employ for their marketing?


Word of mouth

What do we do?                   `


Use Technology


Professional marketing

is a powerful weapon
against competitors

How do we run our projects?


Step 1

We analyse your competitors
and develop a strategy for your law firm

  1. Study your competitors
  2. Analyse your business
  3. Develop a 5 year strategic plan


clear understanding where your business is going
to be in 5-7 year time



Step 2

Picking up speed!
Getting Profit Fast

  1. Analyse your services
  2. Find new resources
  3. Increase your sales fast

Every law firm has some hidden resources. Our experience allows us to attract new clients for you as quickly as possible!



Step 3

Packaging your Services:
they should sell themselves

  1. Analyse your services
  2. Design your package:

    - Make presentations

    - Re-design your commercial offers

    - Improve your website

    - Make videos

  3. Deliver your final product to your potential clients

« Package is important as well as the product. Sometimes even more important. »

Jack Trout



Step 4

Attracting more paying clients
to your law practice

What we do:
  1. Organize events for your clients
  2. Involve your business partners
  3. Advertise online

« Only the government’s treasury is able to make money without advertising. »

Jack Trout


a steady flow of potential customers



Step 5

Developing your brand

What we do:
  1. Media publications
  2. Connecting you with strategic business partners
  3. Event marketing


When something is not a brand, it will be probably viewed as a commodity.


Philip Kotler

What do our clients say about our work?

They say nothing.

Because we sign a non-disclosure agreement

«Money likes silence. Success breeds competition.»

One of our clients.

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